Terms and Fees

Please find below the terms and conditions when booking travel services with Voyages Extraordinaires as well and the complete list of fees.

Terms and condition

You will be asked to agree to the following terms and conditions before travel services can be booked:

  1. I accept that Voyages extraordinaires charges my credit card(s), in my name, for the amounts specified. I also understand that prices may change between the time of the quote and the purchase.
  2. I understand that Voyages extraordinaires charges non-refundable professional fees for certain services. The fees have been explained and the amounts have been stated, and I agree to pay the fees.
  3. It is my responsibility to provide accurate information, check that all itinerary items are as stated, and that I took the necessary steps to satisfy entry requirements, such as visas and vaccines.
  4. Travel Insurance can help protect my trip, before and during my travels. Voyages extraordinaires has talked to me about Travel Insurance. I understand it is my decision to buy a policy, or not.
  5. I understand that life is can be unpredictable, and that I may need to cancel my trip. Voyages extraordinaires has explained the fees for cancelling travel services, and I agree to pay them, if any.
  6. Should the trip be cancelled for reasons out of my control, I will not hold Voyages extraordinaires responsible for the possible consequences or fees associated with the cancellation.
  7. I understand that standards of living, culture or levels of services/accommodation can be different from Canada in the country I am visiting.

Professional Fees

Please note that, depending on your requirements, some or all may apply. Note that theses fees are non refundable. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be added to the amounts.

  • Air Travel: $25 per segment, per passenger
  • Train Travel: $15 per segment, per passenger
  • Itinerary/trip planning: Highest amount between $200 or $15 per trip day, with an initial non-refundable deposit of $100
  • Itinerary/booking changes (i.e. cancelling a reservation and booking something else): first change is free, then $25 per change
  • Cancellation: $50 per passenger
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