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Voyages extraordinaires is an agency affiliated with Nexion Canada that gets its name from a series of Jules Verne’s novels about exploring, wonders and, of course, travelling. Similarly, we try to give the same experiences.

Every trip is in itself a great experience, but what I seek is to add that little something; that little extra that make a great trip an extraordinary one.

A Little About Us

I’ve always loved travelling, whether on long car rides with my parents when I was young or now, with my own family. Since starting travelling as an adult, I’ve always tried to add a little something to my adventures which give them an unforgettable feeling.

I’ve had trips which were simply out of the ordinary, like crossing Russia by train. Sometimes, it was something phenomenal like helping a 3rd generation smith create a blade in the mountains of Japan or tasting vin nouveau in a 13th century German castle. More often than not, it has been more common activities but abroad, like salsa dancing in Singapore or surfing in El Salvador. Regardless of means or activities, the important thing is to try something different. It’s that philosophy I want to share with you when I plan your journey…


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